Organization — Practice Book

The accompanying Practice Book (workbook that accompanies 한국말 하시네요! You Speak Korean!) consists of the following two parts:

Workbook Exercises

The workbook section contains 12 chapters of traditional workbook exercises for Practice Book 1 and 11 chapters for Practice Book 2. Based on the grammatical structures and themes of the textbook chapters, each workbook chapter includes sentence-level question-and-answer exercises, short-answer listening exercises, and a paragraph-length writing activity. The workbook section is designed to help students solidify the grammatical structures, vocabulary, and language skills they have learned in class or on their own.

Communication Tasks

Communication task sections include 10 chapters of integrated performance-based tasks for Practice Book 1 and 11 chapters for Practice Book 2 with which to practice and utilize all four language skills. Each communication task section consists of two to four tasks designed to promote interpersonal, interpretive, and presentation communication, along with intercultural communication. This section is designed for students to apply grammatical structures and new expressions they have learned to real-world, communicative contexts with scaffolded authentic inputs.


You Speak Korean! Practice Book 2 Copyright © by Siwon Lee, Eunae Kim, Yookyung Lee, and Haewon Cho. All Rights Reserved.

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