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20 Chapter 20 Integrated Performance Task

Lesson 20

By the end of this lesson, you’ll be able to:

  • Interpretive communication: Understand basic information in Korean weather forecasts.
  • Interpersonal communication: Talk about weather and plans for outdoor activities.
  • Presentational communication: Report on the weather of a city of one’s choice.
  • Intercultural communication: Develop knowledge of indoor and outdoor activities that are associated with different seasons.

Task 1. 내일 날씨가 어때요?

Find a news clip on the weather of Korea on YouTube (keyword: 날씨). Watch the news clip and answer the following questions.

You may watch one of the following videos:

Note: You do not need to understand everything going on in the video. Use the new vocabulary items in L 20 to answer the questions.


1. 내일 ___________날씨가 어때요? (You may choose one city)

2. 무슨 요일에 꽃구경을 갈 수 있어요? 왜 그래요?

3. 무슨 요일에 꽃구경을 갈 수 없어요? 왜 그래요?

Task 2. 일기예보 확인하기

Meet with your partner over Zoom and video-record your conversation with them.

You and your partner(s) are planning outdoor activities (e.g., 꽃구경, 등산, 달리기, 자전거 타기, etc.) for the next week. Check the weather forecast of the city of your choice (e.g., Philadelphia, Seoul, Bangkok, Naples, etc.) and choose the best day for your outdoor activity/activities. Exchange your recommendations and finalize your plan. Use the new grammar items (-(으)ㄴ/는 것 같다/ -(으)ㄴ/는데, and -어/아도). You may refer to the dialogue on TB page 2. Include at least six meaningful turn-takings in your conversation.

Task 2. 일기예보 Weather Forecast

Based on the weather information you found for Practice 1 or 2, report the weather forecast for the next week. You may begin your weather forecast by saying “안녕하세요? _________의 일기예보를 말씀드리겠습니다 (will report).” Use 어/아요 for the rest of your weather forecast. Audio-record your weather forecast and upload it with a screenshot of the weather forecast.




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