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14 Chapter 17 Integrated Performance Task

Lesson 17

By the end of this lesson, you’ll be able to:

  • Communication
    • Interpretive C: Understand essential visitor information on famous tourist spots in Seoul (e.g., 경복궁)
    • Interpersonal C: Talk about their plans for a long weekend and share recommendations.
    • Presentational C: Write a short informational text about the tourist spot of your choice.
  • Intercultural C:
    • Explore websites of Korean cultural heritage such as 경복궁 and 덕수궁

Task 1: Interpretive Communication

    • You are planning to visit one of the following Palaces in Seoul. Choose one Palace and visit its website (관람 안내) to find out the following information. Use an online dictionary if needed.
  • 경복궁
  • 덕수궁
  • 창경궁
  • 창덕궁

1. 어느 궁을 방문할 거예요?
2. 몇 시부터 몇 시까지 방문할 수 있어요?
3. 무슨 요일에 방문할 수 없어요?
4. 관람 요금은 얼마예요?
5. 무슨 옷을 입고 가면 무료로 관람할 수 있어요?
6. 지하철을 타고 가면 어디에서 내려요?

    • Helpful Vocabulary:
      방문하다: Visit

Task 2: Interpersonal Communication

    • Meet with your partner over zoom and video-record your conversation with him/her. Suppose that you and your partner(s) are in Seoul and planning to visit _____________ over a long weekend. Share your ideas of where to go and what to do after finding the information on its website. Exchange your recommendations and finalize your plan. Use the new grammar items (-(으)ㄹ까요, -(으)면, and -어/아 보다. You may refer to the dialogue on TB 26.

Task 3: Presentational Communication

    • Choose a tourist spot, such as museums, parks, etc. in Seoul and write an informational text for visitors. Briefly introduce the place and include hours, locations, admissions, and other necessary information in the visitor’s information.





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