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8 Chapter 14 Integrated Performance Task

Lesson 14

By the end of this lesson, you’ll be able to:

  • Interpretive Communication: understand the information on food items and decide what items to order.
  • Interpersonal Communication: ask and answer questions about one’s favorite food item.
  • Presentational Communication: present your review of food item.
  • Intercultural Communication: identify and follow proper restaurant etiquettes.

Task 1: 시장

Watch the following video (3:05-4:10 and 5:02-6:00) and answer the following questions in Korean.

Useful Vocabulary:

맞다 to be correct; 소고기 beef; 어디 보자 Let’s see; 이거/이게 this (thing);

육전 pan-fried battered beef; 양념 seasoning; 끝 the end, a close


1. Watch the video from 3:05-4:00″ and Fill in the blanks.

와썹맨: 여기 최고가 칼국수 ___________?

종업원: 네, 칼국수 맞아요.

와썹맨: 여기 칼국수하고요. 소바도 하나 주세요.


2. Write your answer in Korean.

Question: 와썹맨은 베테랑 칼국수 식당에서 무엇을 먹었어요? 왜 그 음식을 먹었어요?


3. Watch the video from 5:30 -5:49″ and fill in the blanks.

와썹맨: 이거 소고기. 어디 보자.

와썹맨: 육전. 육전을 미국말로 하면 육센트…

와썹맨: *Beep* 맛있어. 전은 그냥 생선전이나… 뭐 전이야.

     이게 ___________. 양념이 끝이네.


4. 육전은 뭐로 만들어요? Write your answer in English or Korean. (video: 5:02-6:00)


5. “양념이 끝이네” 는 무슨 말이에요? Write your answer in English or Korean. (video: 5:02-6:00)

Task 2: 먹방 블로거

Imagine you and your partner are the hosts of a popular food vlog show, “_______.” Choose your favorite food or beverage item (one per each member) and introduce it to your audience.


1. Open your show by saying: “안녕하세요! _________(name of your show)예요/이에요! 오늘은 OO을/를 소개합니다!” (소개하다: to introduce)

2. Each member introduces his/her food/beverage item to the audience. Include the following:

  • Name
  • Where you got it
  • Price
  • Taste, etc.

3. Each member asks and answers two questions to his/her partner(s).

4. Use -지요, 네요, and new expressions including ‘르’ irregulars.

5. Close your show by saying: 지금까지 시청해 주셔서 감사합니다 (Thank you for watching)! 다음에 또 만나요!




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