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4 Chapter 12 Integrated Performance Task

Lesson 12

By the end of this lesson, you’ll be able to:

  • Interpretive communication: Understand a short conversation about roommate problems
  • Interpersonal communication: Find a roommate and decide ground rules by discussing about one’s living habits
  • Intercultural communication: Understand common types of living arrangements by college students in Korea and the U.S.

Task 1. 같이 쇼핑해요!

Watch the video titled “더러운 룸메 참교육 하는 방법” [How to deal with your messy roommate], and describe what kind of trouble she has with her roommate 소미 in 4-5 sentences. Use new vocabulary and grammar items. Audio-record your sentences.


Helpful Vocabulary

  • 더러운: dirty, messy  (더럽다: to be dirty)
  • 분리수거: recycling (literally, waste sorting)
  • 눈에는 눈, 이에는 이: An eye for an eye
  • 한번 봐 주다: to take it easy on

Culture Note

According to a recent survey on college students’ living situation in Korea, 52 percent of students commute from their family’s home, and 24.7 percent live in the dorm, while 15.2 percent live on their own off-campus. Although it is on the decrease these days, 3.5 percent of the students live in 하숙집, which is off-campus room and board. How do you think the percentage differs in the U.S.? Have you ever had similar roommate problems described in the video? (Statistics Korea, 2016)

Task 2. 선화의 룸메이트

선화 is being interviewed as a possible roommate for 효주. Complete the conversation using the given information and record the conversation.

선화’s living habits

  1. Clean the apartment at least twice a week.
  2. Wash dishes after having a meal
  3. Do laundry once in two weeks
  4. Take out trash once a week
  5. Go grocery shopping with roommates once in two weeks.
  6. Wake up at 7AM and go to bed at 11PM
  7. Don’t like cats


효주: 안녕하세요, 만나서 반가워요.

선화: 안녕하세요? 룸메이트 찾으세요? *찾다 look for

효주: 네, 제 룸메이트가 한국에 갔어요. 그래서 새 룸메이트 찾아요. 몇 시에 일어나요?

선화: ______________________. 효주 씨는요?

효주: 저는 아침 9시에 일어나요. 그럼 몇 시에 자요?

선화: _______________________.

효주: 아, 그래요? 저는 새벽 2시에 자요. 보통 청소는 얼마나 자주 해요?

선화: _________________________.

효주: 오, 저도 그래요. 그럼 설거지는 잘 해요?

선화: ________________________. ___________________________? (ask how often she takes out trash)

효주: 쓰레기가 많이 없어요. 그래서 2주에 한 번 버려요. 빨래는 얼마나 자주 해요? 저는 보통 일주일에 한 번 해요.

선화: _______________________. 장은 보통 같이 봐요?

효주: 네, 같이 봐요. 저한테 차가 있어요. 선화 씨는 얼마나 자주 장을 봐요?

선화: ________________________________.

효주: 네, 저도요. 아, 그런데 저희 집에는 고양이가 있어요. 괜찮으세요?

선화: ________________________________.

효주: 아 그래요? 감사합니다. 내일 연락드릴게요. *연락드릴게요 I’ll contact you

Task 3. 룸메이트를 찾아요!

Conduct a roommate interview: Create your own dialogue with your partner. Include at least six questions.




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