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6 Chapter 13 Integrated Performance Task

Lesson 13

By the end of this lesson, you’ll be able to:

  • Interpretive and Interpersonal Communication: Ask and answer questions about personal tastes in movies and food and make plans for a movie night
  • Presentational communication: Describe people using various noun-modifiers

Task 1: Movie Night

Meet with your partner(s) over zoom, and video-record your best performance. Imagine that the pandemic is over! You are planning a movie night with your friend(s) over the weekend. Use as much lesson vocabulary (provided below) as possible, and cross out the words as you use them in the conversation.Specifically, discuss the following topics:

  • Weather
  • What types of movies you like & what to watch
  • What types of food you like & what to eat
  • What to do other than eating and watching a movie
  • When and where to meet

Lesson Vocabulary


Adjectives: 달다, 시다, 짜다, 맵다, 시원하다, 웃기다, 슬프다, 쉽다, 어렵다, 덥다, 춥다, 덥다

Verbs: 돕다, 모이다

Adverbs: 다, 오랜만에

Nouns: 순두부, 냉면, 떡볶이, 과자, 팥빙수, 오징어, 참치, 맥주, 야채, 날씨, 드라마, 로맨틱 코미디(로코)


Task 2: 좋아하는 캐릭터

Describe your favorite character/celebrity using -(으)ㄴ adjectives and other expressions we have learned so far. Write at least 6 sentences and upload his/her/their picture(s).

Extra Vocabulary

유머러스하다 조용하다 친절하다 성실하다 수다스럽다 멋있다 애교가 많다
무뚝뚝하다 이상하다 정직하다 자유롭다 털털하다 무섭다


엘사하고 안나는 추운 나라에 살아요. 그리고 멋있는 집에 살아요. 안나는 엘사의 동생이에요. 안나는 친절하고 재미있는 사람이에요!  그리고 가끔 웃겨요. 그런데 안나의 언니는 조용한 사람이에요. 그리고 좀 무서운 사람이에요. 엘사하고 안나는 추운 날씨를 좋아해요. 그래서 겨울을 좋아해요.





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